Secrets of Installing Google Adsense Ads

Secrets of Installing Google Adsense Ads 

Yesterday I just disbursed Google Adsense (GA) money of US $ 117 more through Western Union quick cash, these results are accumulated income for two months, starting from September and October. The income is actually the most obtained from this blog, but it turns out that blogs, are no longer allowed to advertise Google Adsense, because many violate the TOS and the provisions of GA. I, as the owner of the blog, admit that this blog still violates the provisions of GA. I know this after reading all the GA provisions carefully, and I don’t think it is possible to correct so many articles that violate, I prefer the optimization of other blogs whose articles violate fewer provisions of GA.

Actually it’s not a secret to put up this Google Adsense ad, but because many bloggers violate Google Adsense provisions, so their blog may no longer display GA ads on its blog, including this blog can no longer display GA ads. Although this blog no longer provides income from Google Adsense, there are still other blogs that still fulfill the requirements so that they are still allowed to display GA ads.

After carefully reading all the terms and conditions of the Google Adsense TOS, it turns out that the GA rules are very clear, and if violated then it is certain to get rewards, such as not showing advertisements on the web or blog, even a GA account can be banned. Even so, GA is not as cruel as imagined, it turns out that GA always helps us to solve the problem by giving the web blog owner the opportunity to appeal, provided we are willing to correct the mistakes we have done first. Never appeal if you have not made any changes to the problematic weblog.

One of my blogs that has violated the rules of GA too much is this blog, therefore I don’t place GA ads on this blog, because it will definitely be rejected by GA. The secret is just one condition so that Google Adsense ads can still appear on our weblog, that is, by carefully and thoroughly reading all the TOS and provisions relating to GA, then improving the contents of our weblog according to the rules that apply to GA. During this time we always read it casually, because there are so many terms and conditions imposed by GA that it is lazy to read in its entirety.

The terms and conditions of GA are indeed very many, but if read carefully, it is actually not difficult to fulfill, but with conditions such as those given by GA, it makes us weblog owners to Cara Daftar Paytren further improve the quality of articles, rather than just writing to make money without thinking about quality the writing itself. Hopefully with the secret article to put up this Google Adsense ad, we can spend enough time to read all the provisions of GA, so that we can still earn income from GA.

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