How to Change Your Spotify Username

How to Change Your Spotify Username 

While it's possible to change your username on other online social platforms

While it’s possible to change your username on an online social platform,  Spotify  doesn’t need to change your username, especially if you already have an account.

At the registration stage, Spotify provides two options using either your e-mail address or your Facebook account   .

If you register with your e-mail address, Spotify automatically generates names in numbers and random letters, which most users don’t like to be able to choose their own username.

However, if you choose to register using your Facebook account, you can get your own username.

If you are not happy with the random number, there is a vague silver layer to overcome this using these alternative methods.

Register with Facebook

  • Go to Spotify   register  page
  • Click  Register with Facebook
  • Enter   your Facebook login details
  • Click  Enter

Connect to Facebook

You can connect your Spotify account to Facebook if you want to change your username on Spotify. However, this will display your Facebook name and profile picture, not random letters and numbers from Spotify for you, and you can do it successfully through the Spotify app for mobile.

To link your Spotify account with Facebook, select one of your devices below and follow the steps listed below:


  • Open the Spotify desktop application 
  • Click  Settings  in the upper right corner
  • Go to  Facebook  (under Social)
  • Click  Connect to Facebook
  • Enter  your Facebook login details  and select  Log In

iOS and Android

  • Open the Spotify application
  • Tap  Settings
  • Choose  Social
  • Under  Facebook  , tap  Connect to Facebook …
  • Enter   your login details
  • Tap  Enter

If these steps don’t work, your Facebook account might be associated with another Spotify account, or your Spotify account is linked to the wrong Facebook account. In the last case, do the following:

  • Open the Spotify desktop application 
  • In the upper right corner, select  Settings
  • Click  Disconnect from Facebook  (under  Social  )
  • Click  Connect to Facebook
  • Enter  the  correct Facebook details
  • Click  Enter

Note:  This can take up to 24 hours to make changes visible.

To check if you already have a Spotify account connected to Facebook, do this:

  • Log in to Facebook
  • Select   Settings   in the upper right corner
  • Select   Application  . If you see the Spotify icon, then there is an account that is connected to Facebook.

Note:  Connecting your Spotify account to Facebook shows your real name, not your account name. 

Create a new account

The Spotify system has a way to map playlists to an account, which makes it difficult to change your Spotify username.

However, you can create a new account to change your Spotify username, then contact the Spotify customer support team   so they can transfer everything including your playlist, to your new username, or your account.

To do this:

  • Close   your  current Spotify account  . This must be a Free account   , so you have to  cancel   your subscription before closing it. It is also important to lose your playlist, account followers or playlist, and your music / library collection. However, you can contact the Spotify support team to help you move to a new account within  7 days  of the old closing.
  • Create a new account  with your new username. Please note that you cannot use your username twice, even if you close your old account

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