4 Ways to Exit (Sign out) From Windows 10

4 Ways to Exit (Sign out) From Windows 10 

This article introduces four simple methods to help you sign out on a Windows 10 computer. This method is a little simple, just by pressing a few buttons on the keyboard. Your PC is sure to sign out of Windows 10.

4 ways to exit Windows 10:

Method 1: Exit through the user icon.

Open the Start Menu , click the user icon in the upper left corner and select Exit on the menu.

Method 2: Exit through the Shut Down Windows dialog.

Press Alt + F4 to open the Turn Off Windows dialog box, tap the small arrow down, select Exit and press OK .

Method 3: Exit the Quick Access Menu.

Open the Quick Access Menu by Windows + X , point to Turn Off or Exit and select Exit in the sub-list.

Method 4: Exit via the Ctrl + Alt + Del option.

Press Ctrl , Alt and Del keys at the same time, and then select Exit in options.

Thus for  4 ways to get out (sign out) from Windows 10 thank you.

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