Difference Between Hosted and Non Hosted AdSense Accounts

Difference Between Hosted and Non Hosted AdSense Accounts 

There are 2 types of AdSense accounts, hosted AdSense accounts, and standard AdSense accounts that are not hosted. There is a slight difference between these accounts.

Almost all of us know about it but there are still some people who have a little confusion between Hosted and Non Hosted in distinguishing these accounts. So, today I will tell you the real difference between these 2 accounts.

Hosted AdSense Account 

The main advantage of this account is that the agreement is very easy. You can easily approve hosted AdSense accounts from Google hosted sites like Blogspot, hubpages, You tube, etc. But the problem with this account is that you can’t use it on sites not hosted by Google. This means you can only use it on Google hosted sites such as You tube, Blogspot, etc.

Features of a Hosted AdSense account :

1. Easy to approve.

2. Make money with You Tube and with You tube live events too.

3. You cannot use it only on websites hosted by Google.

2 Normal or Publisher AdSense accounts:

This account can be used on any site. It’s very difficult to approve an account that isn’t hosted or publisher but once if your account is approved it can’t be easily blocked. This account is fully approved so you don’t need to reapply for any other services. You can apply for a publisher’s AdSense account directly from your Website.

Non Hosted account feature

1. This allows you to get money from You tube and also from You tube live events.

2. You can use it on any Website. It doesn’t matter whether the site is hosted by Google or not.

3. You can also use it on Windows and mobile applications to get money.

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